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Shirlington Village Condominium  

Completed in 2006 this is the only condo located in the heart of the Village. The 11 story building has 159 units or varying styles. The first 3 floors have open LOFT style condos with exposed duct work and ceilings up to 12. The upper floors are more conventional floor plans with 9 or 10 ceilings.

Amenities: Desk service daily, an outdoor pool, an exercise room, a community room with big screen TV, and a library with wireless access.


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2024, 2023, 2022

*denotes my listings
# denotes my Sales

*denotes my listings
# denotes my Sales

Status Unit # Description Price MRIS#
Closed 208  1BR, 1BA $499,990  
Closed 112  1 BR, 1BA $440,000 VAAR2036804
Closed 508  2BR, 2BA $599,990 VAAR2036458
Closed 311  1 BR, 1BA $450,000 VAAR2035268
Closed 409  2BR, 2BA $635,000 VAAR2034440
Sold 708  2BR, 2BA $645,000 VAAR2033248
Sold 903  1BR, 1BA $500,000 VAAR2030806
Closed 309  1BR, 1BA, Loft $449,900 VAAR2031208
Sold* 717*  1BR, 1BA, Den $450,000 VAAR2030070
Sold 308  1BR, 1BA $439,000 VAAR2026670
Rented 1009  2BR, 2BA $2,995/mo VAAR2024014
Sold 1108  2BR/2BA/SUNROOM  $645,000  
Sold 1007  2BR, 2BA $640,000 VAAR2025970
For Rent 712  2BR, 2BA $3,200/mo VAAR2024132
Rented 307  2BR, 1BA $2,995/mo VAAR2021660
Rented* 717*  1BR, 1BA $2,400/mo VAAR2021544
Sold 1009  2BR, 2BA $635,000 VAAR2021360
Sold 903  1BR, 1BA, Den $452,000 VAAR2021340
Sold 201  2BR, 2BA $615,000 VAAR2021170
Rented 1102  2BR, 2BA $3,500.00/mo VAAR2018834
Sold 1109  2BR, 2BA $677,400 VAAR2013676
Sold 208  1BR, 1BA $430,000 VAAR2013248
Rented 706  1BR, 1BA w/Balcony $2,100/mo VAAR2013558
Sold 715  1BR, 1BA $470,000 VAAR2012878
Rented 506  1BR, 1BA $2000/mo VAAR2012782
Sold 304  1BR, 1BA $429,000 VAAR2011696
Sold 606  1BR, 1BA $420,000 VAAR2012562
Sold 507  2BR, 2BA $612,000 VAAR2011858
Rented 802  2BR, 2BA $2900/mo VAAR2003608
Sold 614  2BR, 2BA $689,900 VAAR2002802
Sold 902  2BR, 2BA $642,000 VAAR2003786
Rented 204  1BR, 1BA $2095/mo VAAR2009704



Status Unit # Description Price MRIS#
Sold* 904* 2BR, 2BA,DEN $750,000 VAAR2006112
Sold 902 2BR/2BA $642,000 VAAR2003786
Sold 604 2BR/2BA w/DEN $717,500 VAAR2005074
Rented 802 2BR/2BA $2,900/mo VAAR2003608
For Rent 410 1BR/DEN $2,050/mo VAAR2000734
Rented* 106* 2BR/2BA LOFT W/ TERRACE $3,200/mo


Active 910 Furnished 2BR/2BA BALCONY $3,250/mo VAAR2002216
Sold 614 2BR/2BA/DEN $689,900 VAAR2002802
Rented*# 803*# 1BR/1BA/DEN/BALCONY $2000/mo VAAR2001796
Sold 1004 2BR/2BA/DEN $734,000 VAAR2000468
Rented 201 LARGEST LOFT $2500/mo VAAR181972
Sold 309 1BR LOFT STYLE $425,000 VAAR181642
Sold 805 2BR/2BA $575,000 VAAR177564
Sold*# 816*# 2BR/2BA/DEN $670,000 VAAR181264
Rented*# 302*# 1276 sq. ft. LOFT $2600/mo  


Status Unit # Description Price MRIS#
Sold 1107 2 BR/ 2 BA / Sunroom $620,900 VAAR169216
Sold 811 2BR / 2 BA $595,000 VAAR168078
Sold 1007 2BR / 2 BA $607,000 VAAR167452
Rented 102 1 BR & DEN /2BA LARGE LOFT STYLE $2500/mo VAAR162218
Sold* 510* 2BR/2BA/BALCONY $595,000 VAAR162050
Rented 706 1 BR/1BA $2,000/mo VAAR159940
Sold 304 1 BR LOFT $432,000 VAAR161956
Rented*# 302*# 2BR/2BA LOFT $2600/mo VAAR159494
Sold*# 905*# 1 BR/ DEN/ 2 BATHS (Or 2 BRs)      $536,000 VAAR158392
Sold 611 2 BR/2 BA $580,000  
Contract 305 1 BR/1BA LOFT $444,000 VAAR167608
Sold 1103* 1 BR, DEN, BALCONY $482,500 VAAR157386


Status Unit # Description Price MRIS#
Rented 902 2 BR/2BA $2600/mo VAAR156870
Rented 311 1BR LOFT STYLE $2095/mo VAAR154196
Sold 310 1 BR LOFT STYLE $407,000 VAAR150874
Sold 517 1 BR/DEN/Balcony $423,000 VAAR149882
Rented 201 2BR/2BA LOFT $2,575/mo VAAR148458
Sold 612 2BR/2BA $575,000 VAAR148386
Sold 717 1BR & DEN $415,000 VAAR140078
Sold 1102 2BR/2BA top floor $615,000 VAAR140796
Sold 802 2BR/2BA $610,000 VAAR140080
Rented* 803* 1BR & DEN $2000/mo  
Rented* 805* 1BR/DEN/2BA/Balcony $2175/mo VAAR103454
Sold 205 1BR LOFT STYLE $400,000 VAAR103728

* denotes my listings
# denotes my

Would you like to be notified of any upcoming listings in the building? Send me your name and the unit type/price range you are looking for and I will contact you.

IN THE NEWS- We Live: Walkable, dog-friendly Shirlington

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